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6 Tips on selecting the right IT managed services in Brisbane

Outsourcing to IT managed services in Brisbane is the way of the future, as companies are becoming more streamlined and budget conscious. If you are considering engaging a company that specialises in managed IT services for your business, here are 6 questions that you should ask all potential candidates.

  1. What’s their experience? You want to know how long the actual business has been in operation, the experience of their staff and how often they work with other companies within your industry. A brand-new company with little if any experience providing managed IT services Brisbane and with no idea about your industry is not the best choice for your company.
  2. How do they handle disaster recovery? Ask them for a few examples of companies that faced a loss in their data and how they handled the situation. What measures did they put in place to prevent such an event happening and how did they help the company recover as quickly as possible?
  3. How do they communicate with their clients? The most professional and experienced IT managed services in Brisbane give each client a dedicated account manager. This person is responsible for managing your account and ensuring that all processes are in place, updated and reviewed as necessary.
  4. How do you request help? Do they provide a 24/7 helpline and if not, how do you contact them after hours for help in an emergency? If the managed IT services company doesn’t offer an after-hours service, then you want to look elsewhere.
  5. How do their costs compare? Asking them how their costs compare to competitors in the managed IT services industry can help you to understand the types of services they provide. If their costs are very different to their competitors, are they so inexperienced that they can’t charge higher prices or are they overpriced and don’t deliver anymore than any other company?
  6. Ask for references: Any company that provides IT managed services in Brisbane should willingly give you a few references so that you can talk to their current customers. Testimonials are all fair and good, but actually talking to a CEO of a company who uses their services can make all the difference to your decision.

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