7 reasons to keep your in-house server

Many companies use in-house servers to host their applications, emails, files and documents, as well as their antivirus software and to create backups. Maybe you are considering whether or not to implement an in-house server or to replace your old servers which are showing their age and moving to the cloud?

Well before you make the ultimate decision to move your existing physical infrastructure to the cloud, maybe you should reconsider the benefits of using in-house servers first. Cloud technology may well be the latest high-tech strategy, but in general it can be quite expensive, especially if you already have an in-house system in place.

Here are 7 solid reasons why in-house servers are still a very popular option for many businesses:

  1. You literally have physical control over your entire infrastructure. You keep your critical data close to home and you generally have faster access to files and documents than if you used an outsourced server. So staff can quickly access any files they need at any time 24/7.
  2. You don’t need an internet connection to access your data or files. So in the unlikely event that you lose your internet connection, your business can continue working until it comes back online. You also have your backup files in-house, rather than in the cloud, so you can quickly be up to speed if your system fails and you have no internet connection. Another benefit is that you don’t have to rely on download or upload speeds or constraints, because your data is on hand.
  3. You can develop your entire IT system, specifically to your business needs. So as your business grows, all you need do is add an additional server to the network and you are good to go.
  4. Your files and documents are kept securely in your premises, so you don’t have to worry about hackers and you can restore backups instantly if needed.
  5. You can host your own website on your server, so you won’t be affected by shared hosting or have any contractual issues with an internet service provider.
  6. With the advances in technology over the past few years, the cost of hosting your own server has reduced dramatically and is now very affordable even for small businesses.
  7. You have complete control over who has access to your data, because it is held in-house.

For these reasons, many businesses are continuing to use in-house servers, whilst actually using the cloud for their email. This is because Office 365 is designed specifically for the mobile world and is far superior to the outdated POP protocols.

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