8 essential tips for Outlook users

If you want your business and employees to gain the most from Outlook, then here are some tips that every Outlook user should know. You can customise the following points and email this list to all of your employees:

  1. Streamline your inbox
    Microsoft recommends keeping your email files to 2GB or less (this is where your data is stored on your computer). Outlook can be set up to automatically archive your emails, or you can delete old emails that you’ll realistically never need again. You can also look at storing some of your data on your network or in shared folders. There’s no need to store absolutely everything in your email account.
  2. Repair corrupt files
    If you do suffer from corrupt files you can talk to your IT department/provider, or try to repair them yourself using the inbox repair tool and if that doesn’t work the crop tool.
  3. Back up your files
    This is always the best way to recover from a critical issue, and you can set a schedule where your files are automatically backed up every day or more often if needed.  You can backup emails, your calendar, contacts, tasks and the journal.
  4. Avoid spam filters
    To make sure that your emails and your client’s emails don’t get caught in a spam filter, avoid words that trigger these filters (Google ‘spam keywords’ for some lists). Also, fill in the subject line of your emails with a good description and use plain text, avoiding links, images and HTML.
  5. Different types of Outlook
    Just because you use Outlook at home and at work, doesn’t mean that both will look the same and have the same features. So don’t panic, just be aware that there can be some differences and work around them.
  6. Virus protection
    Your PC is protected from viruses and malware by the IT department, but to help avoid downloading viruses do not open emails and attachments from unknown sources. Also, don’t enter our company address on web sites and do not disable or remove antivirus software.
  7. Customisation
    You can customise Outlook for your own uses, for example your email, contacts, calendar and tasks. If you need help, please ask your IT department or search for more information online.
  8. Avoid embarrassing email mistakes
    For example, it is so easy to hit ‘reply all’ when you only intended to reply to one person. There are lots of other mistakes that are too easy to make as well, so check out our company email policy so you know how to avoid these mistakes and also what you can and can’t do when writing company emails.

All you have to do is to create a company email policy and add a link for your staff to this email and then everyone in your business will be using Outlook like a professional.

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