Email security

In today’s article we are reminding everyone to stay alert to the recent spate of new virus-harbouring spam emails that have been hitting networks all across Australia.

Please keep a keen eye on emails purporting to be from the following organisations:

  • Australia Post
  • ATO
  • Microsoft
  • Antivirus vendors
  • Courier companes
  • Any Government department or organisation discussing security

Also look out for emails from unknown companies which:

  • include ZIP or EXE file attachments
  • state that your website or hosting is insecure
  • promote SEO and Facebook services

Please also be alert to the fact that telephone calls are also employed to gain access to your PC remotely on the premise that you have already been affected by spammers.

These are the most common issues we have seen this month, and traditionally the aforementioned organisations will not use electronic mail for general communication.

Some will install a nuisance program on your computer which will scan your system and ask for a credit card payment to clean out the “errors” your system supposedly has.

More seriously, in some cases malicious software is installed and will encrypt your files such that they will only unlock after a ransom has been paid to the organisation who has sent the threat.

Even with the strictest security measures, spammers can change the email address they send from, and modify their delivery methods to fool and bypass spam filters and antivirus programs.

If an email does sneak through please delete without opening it, or you may contact us if you’re unsure.

If your antivirus protection is not up to date or you are not sure please also contact us.

Feel free to pass this on to fellow team members, suppliers, customers, friends, and family.

And remember to regularly back up your computer system and networks.