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How can IT support in Brisbane help to protect your small business against data theft?

In Brisbane, IT support has become quite popular for a number of reasons, one of which is the added protection it gives to small businesses against data theft.

At Capital IT Solutions, one of our specialist IT support services in Brisbane focuses specifically on helping small businesses to overcome the challenges of data theft. As part of our IT services package in Brisbane, we suggest that our clients put in place the following initiatives.

Educate your staff: Most employees are unaware that their behaviour can lead to serious security breaches and loss of data. We help business owners and employees to understand how these security leaks can occur and to be aware of any suspicious emails, links or attachments.

Update passwords: All communication devices, networks and data storage areas should have strong passwords that are regularly updated. The lack of complex passwords is one of the most common problems we have found in Brisbane. IT support at Capital IT Solutions focuses on educating employees and fixing this loophole that often results in data theft.

Anti-theft software: Software that protects your computer systems from viruses, malware and spyware are all an essential component of securing your data from theft. Without this type of high level software, you leave your business wide open to data security issues.

Data encryption: Most business software has data encryption capabilities, but if this is outside of your comfort level, discuss it with our IT support in Brisbane. Data encryption is another layer in securing your data and can make all the difference to preventing data theft. You can also ensure that your website has an SSL certificate, as this provides additional protection for your customers against theft of their personal information.

Restrict permissions: If only certain staff need access to specific information or data, restrict access to these individuals. The fewer people who can access sensitive information, the less likely is there to be a data breach. Our IT services in Brisbane will help you to make these decisions and ensure that they are in correctly in place at your company.

Why not arrange a free consultation to find out how our Brisbane IT support can help protect your business against data theft and other security breaches?