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How can IT support in Brisbane help you recover from losing your data?

When you have professional and experienced IT support in Brisbane it’s very unlikely that you will ever suffer from data loss. This is because companies that specialise in IT services will ensure that your company has a secure backup and recovery system in place, backing up your systems every day.

Without adequate support in Brisbane, if anything untoward does happen, such as your files are accidentally deleted, corrupted or hacked, even if your hard drive is physically damaged, your backups can be up and running in no time at all. We all know that the longer your business is not operating, the greater the damage to your reputation and the lower your profits.

This is why you need experienced IT support in Brisbane, so that your company doesn’t have to worry about the repercussions of data loss. If you don’t have the support of IT services in Brisbane however, what can you do if you have lost data?

I deleted a file!

Usually, when you delete a file, it’s still on your computer somewhere. The problem is that the location where your deleted file is held on your hard drive will be overwritten and used for something else very soon, so you need to act fast before this happens. First check your Recycle Bin, then try Recover Unsaved Documents in Word, search for the file’s name and if all else fails, use a file recovery software. On the other hand, it’s easier to ask your IT support in Brisbane to restore your file from your backups.

My files are corrupted!

This is more difficult to fix, but isn’t impossible. You might be able to save the document under another name or use a file recovery software to retrieve the document, even if only parts of it are salvageable. If these steps don’t work, then you need the help of IT support to retrieve the files (if they are recoverable), unless you have a backup of course!

We’ve been hacked!

If your systems have been hacked, you can’t sort this out yourself. You will need professional help from IT services in Brisbane to identify how you were hacked, install a secure firewall, and attempt to recover your files and set everything to rights.

I spilled coffee on my computer!

Floods, fires, spilt cups of coffee and dropping the laptop are all causes of lost data. Sometimes the data on the hard drive is recoverable, often it’s not, it all depends on the damage it has received. This is a very common cause of lost data and isn’t such a big problem if your systems are backed up.

If you are interested in professional IT support in Brisbane for your company, why not book a free consultation today?