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How to choose the best managed IT services in Brisbane based on disaster recovery times

When selecting the most suitable managed IT services in Brisbane for your business there are lots of different factors to assess. Anything from the company’s costs, specialisations and service offerings will play some part in your decision, but not many owners and managers consider the full implication of disaster recovery times in their decision.

If they do ask about recovery times, it’s usually with no clear idea about how these times will factor into their decision, except that they want fast recovery times and an IT helpdesk that can fix the problem ASAP. You might be surprised to learn however, that disaster recovery times can actually be a key factor in selecting suitable IT support services for your business.

Selecting managed IT services in Brisbane by identifying your recovery times

We all know that when your server goes down, when data is lost or your system is hacked, the downtime before full recovery can be devastating to your business. With extended recovery times, the reputation of your business is on the line and you could be staring financial ruin in the face.

This is why disaster recovery times are a key factor when selecting managed IT services in Brisbane. At first you might think that the IT support company who offers the shortest recovery times is your best bet, but that isn’t necessarily true. This is because you can save a lot of money if you identify the hourly costs of your downtime, as well as the systems that need to be recovered first.

To calculate your downtime costs, you will need to calculate your operating costs and lost sales per hour, allowing you to precisely quantify the cost of each hour’s downtime. Then you need to identify the key systems that need to be recovered first and the less critical systems that can manage with longer recovery times.

Businesses with a selection of IT systems that range from short to high recovery times can negotiate better deals with managed IT services in Brisbane, because they are not paying for all their systems to be recovered at the same time. As you can imagine, a business that has one system that needs to be recovered very quickly with other systems that can wait for a day or two are going to require less resources than a business that has no idea of their recovery times and wants everything restored ASAP.

Capital IT Solutions can meet all your recovery times and customise an IT support package to suit your needs and your budget. Why not arrange a free consultation today?