How to protect your critical data

There are two ways you can protect data that is vital to your business: with antivirus software, and by backing up your data. The problem is that if you don’t have a backup solution in place, or you do but some of your important files such as your mail boxes aren’t backed up, then you can still have a catastrophe on your hands.

Protecting your business against spam and malicious viruses, as well as ensuring that all of your systems and files are adequately backed up in case of a disaster happening, are two strategies that are essential to the integrity of your business.


The usual way that viruses attack your system and files are because they are either downloaded via emails, presented as legitimate files or because you have unknowingly visited an infected website.

Just because you are aware that viruses exist and are on alert for spam emails, doesn’t necessarily protect you from inadvertently downloading a virus. Many viruses piggyback onto legitimate emails, from friends, work colleges and clients or can even appear to come from institutions with which you are legitimately affiliated.

Once downloaded, these viruses can quickly invade your system and create havoc for your business, slowing speeds and deleting critical files at the very least. This is why a network-level firewall solution, rather than a simple downloadable virus software, such as one that is used on home PCs, is essential for your business.

Backup protection

Regardless of the type of server you use, your business must have a reliable back-up and recovery system in place. Even with an in-house server, if the building burns down, then you also lose your backup files.

You can’t afford to lose all of your files and documents, just imagine losing all of your customer files and your employee payroll details – your business would literally come to a standstill. So having the ability to not only backup your files and documents, but to also backup every windows machine and to save these backups to both your in-house server and to an external location, will make sure that you are up and running in no-time.

With anti-viral protection and disaster backup recovery in place, your downtime will be minimised and you will recover from any problems quickly. This means that your customers will hardly notice any difference, if at all, and will continue to be serviced with minimal disruption to their services.

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