Is your business safe from hackers?

Businesses can no longer be complacent about the security of their digital information. Not in a world where such large corporations as Sony can be so easily hacked, as they were last year. The problem of securing your corporate information is even more precarious when you realise that this wasn’t the first time that Sony was compromised. They were also hacked a few years ago in 2011, 3 years before the 2014 attack that cost them millions of dollars.

So why didn’t Sony learn from the 2011 incident, and what can you learn from this?

Make digital security part of your structure

Whatever your size, you must not silo digital security; instead it must be part of your organisational structure. All information about security protocols and breaches must be addressed at the company level.

This is why Sony suffered a second attack in 2014, because the 2011 security breach occurred in their PlayStation Network, who after dealing with the problem (after losing millions), did not disseminate these fixes to Sony Pictures Entertainment, which led to their successful hacking in 2014.

Sony’s individual businesses were silos of information, much like departments within a company can be – so the 2014 attack was inevitable.

Train employees to be hacker alert

Employees must be trained to recognise illegitimate or phishing emails, which contain links that, when clicked, can download malicious malware to your company network. This is how The New York Times was attacked in 2013, by hackers infiltrating its computer systems and obtaining employee passwords.

Promote transparency

If you are hacked and sensitive information is compromised, be upfront and inform your employees and customers. In 2007, was hacked and phishing emails were sent out to their customers in an attempt to access their bank details. The company had not informed their customers of the attack, and while they fixed the problem five days later, their lack of disclosure caused untold damage to their customer base.

The take home message is that digital security should be a central component of your company.

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