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Making a success of your IT helpdesk

Most businesses have some form of support for their customers, but many lack the budget or the experience to establish an IT helpdesk for their own employees. In these cases, many companies find that engaging managed IT services for their own in-house needs is much easier than establishing their own tech-support department.

This option saves their company a significant amount of time and effort, both of which are involved when establishing an in-house IT helpdesk. In Brisbane, IT managed services are becoming very popular with small to medium sized businesses, as they recognise the cost savings that this type of outsourcing can provide to their company.

On the other hand, if you want to setup your own tech support department for your employees, here are 5 tips that should make it a smooth and efficient operation.

  1. Employ experienced operators: Whoever operates your IT helpdesk will need to quickly identify whether it’s an easy fix or a more complicated and in-depth problem. For example, if an employee is locked out of their computer, reissuing a password is an easy fix. A computer that crashes or software that won’t start are problems that require a different set of skills. Fielding these questions and routing them to the appropriate people is all part of an efficient IT helpdesk, but if this sounds too complicated, your local managed IT services can step into the breach.
  2. Keep detailed records: Everyone who provides IT support must keep detailed records of the problems that come across their desk, as well as the solutions that have been initiated. This way you can track repetitive problems and have a clear understanding of the state of your computer systems.
  3. Create easy resources: One of the quickest ways to field common IT problems is to direct the employee to a video or document that helps to resolve their problem quickly. This frees up your staff to deal with more complex problems that might affect the operation of your entire business.
  4. Professional development: Investing in the professional development of your IT staff is vital to the growth and continued success of your business. The IT world changes so quickly, that to remain on top of their game, you must provide ongoing development opportunities to your IT departmental staff. The alternative is to engage managed IT services, freeing up your capital for other ventures.
  5. Create a disaster plan: If your entire system is hacked, your servers are flooded or destroyed by fire, you will need a disaster plan that is easy to deploy and will have your business up and running quickly. This is something that your tech support people might be able to put together for you, but if not, you might have to investigate IT managed services in Brisbane who specialise in creating workable disaster plans for small to medium sized businesses.

Why not book a free consultation with one of our IT specialists and discover how easy it is to engage managed IT services to deal with all your computer problems?