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Questions to ask about your company’s disaster and recovery plan

Without a disaster and recovery plan, your IT helpdesk will have little chance of recovering your data within a reasonable timeframe. This can cause irreparable damage to your reputation, as well as lost customers and lost profits. Engaging professional IT services in Brisbane who can tailor a disaster recovery plan for your business is the best way to ensure that your company recovers quickly from any disaster.

If you are not convinced that you need a customised disaster recovery plan and that your plan is sufficient, you need to be confident with your answers to the following questions.

Does your plan outline the immediate threats?

The best disaster recovery plans identify the immediate threats, ranking them by priority and probability of occurring. Professional IT support in Brisbane should be able to identify these threats for you, designing a recovery plan to ensure that your company is up and running as fast as possible, if any of these threats eventuate.

Does your plan identify your company’s key assets?

What assets are critical to your company’s daily operations and what is their monetary worth to your company? Once these assets are identified and their value quantified, your IT helpdesk can perform a business impact analysis to quantify the cost of each hour of downtime to your business. They will also calculate how quickly your key data and business assets need to be restored to minimise your downtime losses.

Skilled IT services in Brisbane will divide your assets into first, second and third tier priorities. First tier critical assets need to be up and running quickly and can include servers and business software. Second tier assets that need to be up within 5 to 10 hours can include a variety of applications, whilst third tier assets include peripheral systems that won’t cause problems if they aren’t up within 10 hours after the disaster.

Based on the above information, your IT support in Brisbane will design the best backup and recovery solution for your business. This plan can be either cloud based or rely on your physical servers, however many business are now opting for a mix of both cloud and server based data recovery plans.

For more information on customising a disaster recovery plan for your business, book a free consultation today.