The new Microsoft Surface 3: Pros and cons

We knew it was bound to happen – as soon as Apple launched their iPad a few years ago, Microsoft was going to enter the game as well. We know that Samsung and other companies have entered the market with their own Android tablets, but no-one has really matched the iPad.

Surface 3 pros

So it comes as no surprise that Microsoft has just launched the Surface 3 tablet. This new and updated device is more of a hybrid, as it can work as a laptop and as a tablet. It uses Windows 8.1, has a full-size USB port, a micro SD slot, can run all desktop apps and still only weighs 622g.

With the Microsoft Surface 3 you have a 10 hour battery life, an integrated kickstand and full HD display. You can even run Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office on the Surface 3, something that even the iPad cannot perform as yet.

Its thin design, light weight and its ability to run full computer apps is due to the Surface 3’s Intel Atom x7 processor chip with 64 bit computing, giving it a higher performance than other generic tablet chips.

The Surface 3 also has the much loved touch screen facility and you can even purchase a pen to draw and write on the screen. The keyboard has larger size keys than previous Surface models and you can change the angle of the keyboard for easier usability.

Surface 3 cons

The huge problem with the Surface 3, as it was with the earlier models, is still the keyboard – it has to be purchased separately (increasing the cost of the Surface 3) and reviewers have stated that the keyboard is not even user-friendly. Apparently, the keys are too close together, making mistakes far easier than with a full size keyboard and it also has an unreliable trackpad.


The Surface 3 seems to be a both a laptop and a tablet in equal measure, so if you usually carry around both an iPad and a laptop, then this light weight device might just be the ticket. Unlike the iPad or Android tablets however, the Surface 3 also runs full desktop apps and you can easily work with external drives or monitors. It is like having a full PC which you can carry around with you.

 The main problem with the Surface 3 however, is with the keyboard, which is frustrating to use and is not even included in the price of the device.

It appears that Microsoft might be coming closer to competing with the iPad, but if they want to seriously challenge Apple, they need to redesign their keyboard and include it in the price, then they will have a sure winner in the Surface 3.

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