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What you need to know about the cloud

IT companies in Brisbane use the cloud for a variety of their own tasks, as well as fulfilling their client’s needs. Not many people however, have any real understanding of the cloud, so here is a quick and basic guide to understanding the cloud.

What is the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is a network of physical servers located in many places around the world. Each network might have a different function, for example, storing data, running applications or delivering a service. If you use Google Drive, SkyDrive or Evernote, then you are using the cloud to store your data, rather than storing it on your phone, laptop or PC.

What are the benefits of using the cloud?

IT managed services in Brisbane generally make big use of the cloud because it is infinitely flexible and expandable. This means that you can store as much or as little data on the cloud without needing to buy new hard drives or servers yourself. As your needs change, the amount of storage space you use changes accordingly. This also means that you can save a fortune on infrastructure, because purchasing and maintaining your own servers is an expensive proposition.

You can also access your data and files anywhere and on any device that has internet access, so you don’t have to worry about having different versions of old data on multiple devices. There are risks to using the cloud however, and you can discuss these with the IT companies in Brisbane, but essentially security is the biggest risk you will face using the cloud.

Extensive security measures and high level encryption have become a characteristic of companies that either offer their services via the cloud or store their data on the cloud. Security measures and encryption are constantly evolving to keep pace with potential hackers, but surprisingly enough, one of the biggest problems isn’t hacking, but losing data. This issue can be eliminated if you use the cloud as a sharing platform rather than a storage facility or by duplicating your data on two different storage platforms on the cloud.

With the potential problems of using the cloud, you might be surprised to learn that some of the biggest users of the cloud are IT companies. Brisbane companies can greatly benefit from experienced cloud users who manage their client’s data on a daily basis and who understand the types of security that are required for safe storage.

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