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Why should BAAS be an important part of your managed IT services in Brisbane?

Even though more businesses are taking advantage of managed IT services in Brisbane, many still don’t adequately back up their systems. Backing up all your sensitive files is vital to the integrity of your business, but Backup-as-a-Service (BAAS) takes it to a whole different level, because it actually backs up your data on the cloud.

Using BAAS as part of your managed IT services

As part of our IT managed services in Brisbane, we always encourage our clients to not only backup their data, but to go that one step further and use BAAS. If you already use managed IT services, but you haven’t yet initiated BAAS in your business, there are two very good reasons why you should think again: scalability and ease of use.

Scalability: Every business owner hopes that their business will grow and expand, but this also means that you will have an increasing amount of sensitive data that needs to be constantly backed up. Not all small businesses can deal with backing up massive amounts of data, so they end up just backing up the essentials.

As part of our managed IT services in Brisbane, we help our clients to understand that BAAS can easily cope with backing up data that is constantly increasing in volume. This saves you from having to purchase additional servers for backup purposes, because you have an unlimited amount of storage space available on the cloud.

Easy to use: BAAS is fully automated and is very easy to setup online. If you already use managed IT services, discuss your options with your account manager, who can set it up for you. Alternatively, it’s easy enough to setup yourself and will manage all your data in one place. You can even run tests and access your backups at any time, and if your system does unexpectedly go down, restoring your files is so much easier that trying to juggle different servers to restart your systems and retrieve your backups.

For professional IT managed services in Brisbane, why not a arrange a free consultation with Capital IT Solutions and we can discuss how our managed IT services can help your business to grow and expand, whilst keeping your data safe.