Work smarter and increase revenue growth with managed IT services in Brisbane

Most small business owners understand that teaming up with managed IT services in Brisbane offers them a cost effective strategy for maintaining their IT and computer systems. Not many small business owners however, realise something that the large multinationals already take for granted – that a partnership with managed IT services can give them a competitive edge and increase the growth of their revenue.

If you are considering engaging a company that specialises in IT managed services in Brisbane, here are a four reasons why you should think about your long term growth.

  1. Time is money: If your employees are struggling with an outdated computer and communications system and trying to fix problems on the fly, think of all the time you will save with an updated system that someone else manages. Managed IT services in Brisbane provide all the IT help your employees need, freeing up their time and increasing their productivity within your business. We can also organise remote access for employees who work at home and manage all your servers so that downtime is eliminated.
  2. Streamline your budget: Spending money on upgrading your computer and IT systems, renewing software licences and calling in expert help to fix IT problems, system breaches and even the fallout from hacking, requires a roller-coaster of spending that is difficult to budget for each year. With managed IT services however, you pay a monthly scalable fee that is based on your needs and we perform all these tasks for you.
  3. Protection from cyber attacks: Cyber crime is on the increase and small businesses are increasingly being targeted, resulting in extreme downtime and the loss of reputations and revenue. When you team up with IT managed services in Brisbane, we monitor your systems 24 hours a day, providing virus protection and high level firewalls to counter any cyber threats against your business.
  4. High tech upgrades: When it’s time to upgrade your IT and communication systems, we use all of our expertise to design the best systems for your company, specific to your needs. This means that you can have the latest resources to help you stay ahead of the competition and even better – these solutions are scalable and standardised for your specific needs.

In addition, if you already have an IT department with experienced employees, you can use their expertise for specialised in-house projects, such as technology to increase employee productivity, whilst your managed IT services take care of your other IT needs.

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Making a success of your IT helpdesk

Most businesses have some form of support for their customers, but many lack the budget or the experience to establish an IT helpdesk for their own employees. In these cases, many companies find that engaging managed IT services for their own in-house needs is much easier than establishing their own tech-support department.

This option saves their company a significant amount of time and effort, both of which are involved when establishing an in-house IT helpdesk. In Brisbane, IT managed services are becoming very popular with small to medium sized businesses, as they recognise the cost savings that this type of outsourcing can provide to their company.

On the other hand, if you want to setup your own tech support department for your employees, here are 5 tips that should make it a smooth and efficient operation.

  1. Employ experienced operators: Whoever operates your IT helpdesk will need to quickly identify whether it’s an easy fix or a more complicated and in-depth problem. For example, if an employee is locked out of their computer, reissuing a password is an easy fix. A computer that crashes or software that won’t start are problems that require a different set of skills. Fielding these questions and routing them to the appropriate people is all part of an efficient IT helpdesk, but if this sounds too complicated, your local managed IT services can step into the breach.
  2. Keep detailed records: Everyone who provides IT support must keep detailed records of the problems that come across their desk, as well as the solutions that have been initiated. This way you can track repetitive problems and have a clear understanding of the state of your computer systems.
  3. Create easy resources: One of the quickest ways to field common IT problems is to direct the employee to a video or document that helps to resolve their problem quickly. This frees up your staff to deal with more complex problems that might affect the operation of your entire business.
  4. Professional development: Investing in the professional development of your IT staff is vital to the growth and continued success of your business. The IT world changes so quickly, that to remain on top of their game, you must provide ongoing development opportunities to your IT departmental staff. The alternative is to engage managed IT services, freeing up your capital for other ventures.
  5. Create a disaster plan: If your entire system is hacked, your servers are flooded or destroyed by fire, you will need a disaster plan that is easy to deploy and will have your business up and running quickly. This is something that your tech support people might be able to put together for you, but if not, you might have to investigate IT managed services in Brisbane who specialise in creating workable disaster plans for small to medium sized businesses.

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Managed IT services help companies keep up with the latest business & technological trends

Managed IT services are becoming more and more popular with small to medium sized businesses in Brisbane. One one of the reasons for this popularity is that managed IT services help organisations to stay on top of the latest changes in the business world. You might have noticed that the office of today looks completely different to the office of twenty years ago with the landscape continuing to evolve at a rapid rate of knots.

Trying to keep up with all these changes and incorporate them into your business can be next to impossible for many companies, which is where IT managed services step into the breach. Let’s take a look at three of these technological changes and how engaging managed IT services can give your business a competitive edge.

Remote workers: More and more businesses are embracing flexible working hours and remote working, both of which lead to an improvement in their employee’s work/life balance. The major stumbling block for many employers however, is setting up an IT and communications system that can cope with remote workers. The solution is to engage a managed IT services company who can design a system that makes collaborative working and real-time editing of shared documents between remote workers and in-house employees a breeze.

Blockchain: This brand-new technology is used by many businesses, such as real estate agents, electricity providers and banks, as well as companies that focus on sharing economies (think Uber and Airbnb). Essentially, Blockchain is a vast spreadsheet that operates across millions of computers around the world and using state of the art cryptography enables the movement of digital records at lightning speeds. If you believe that your business could benefit from this type of technology, contact your IT managed services to discuss your options.

Big data: Another technological innovation, big data enables companies to analyse massive amounts of data to identify hidden patterns or correlations that can be used to inform their business operations. Mainly used by large banking corporations or huge multi-nationals for fraud detection and customer analytics, big data is starting to have a significant impact in how organisations deal with their data. If you believe that your business can benefit from big data analyses, it will pay you to talk to your local managed IT services company in Brisbane to investigate your options.

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Tips from our IT helpdesk: 5 signs that you’ve been hacked

As a leading provider of managed IT services in Brisbane, our IT helpdesk makes sure that all our clients are fully aware of the signs of hacking. Even with the very best firewalls, a determined hacker will always find a way into your systems – just think of Yahoo and Target in 2013, eBay and JP Morgan in 2014, Anthem in 2015, Uber in 2016 and Equifax in 2017.

If you think that you have been hacked, the first thing you need to do is to contact your IT helpdesk or managed IT services. If you aren’t sure whether you have been hacked or not, here are a few red flags to keep in mind.

  1. Spam emails: If your friends and colleagues complain that you are sending them spam emails, then you might have been hacked and the virus is going through your contact lists. You need to report these complaints to your IT helpdesk who will investigate the matter ASAP.
  2. Your Task Manager is flat out: If you have an inkling that your computer has been hacked, one of the sure signs is that your Task Manager is working at 90% or above, when your computer is sitting idle. If this happens to you, always contact your helpdesk or managed IT services so they can take the matter further.
  3. Your passwords don’t work: Hackers will often change your passwords so that they have full access to your computer, locking you out in the process. If you haven’t changed your passwords, this is one of the biggest signs that your computer has been compromised. Call your in-house IT helpdesk for immediate assistance.
  4. Your computer is acting strangely: If you see pop ups, toolbars or new programs appearing on your screen (that you know have nothing to do with you), this is another good sign of a hacking event. Your managed IT services will be able to identify the virus and have your computer fixed in a short period of time.
  5. Your Wifi is really slow: A secure Wifi connection rarely slows down to the point where you can barely find a connection. If this happens to you, it could be because a hacker is using your bandwidth to copy your files. Shut down your connection and call your IT helpdesk for immediate assistance.

If you want to investigate managed IT services to protect your business from hacking events, book a free consultation with the team at Capital IT Solutions today.

How can managed IT services help you avoid Cryptolocker catastrophes?

If you already invest in managed IT services for your business, then you don’t need to worry about Cryptolocker Ransomware. On the other hand, if you aren’t making use of professional IT support in Brisbane, then you might become one of the 60% of businesses who close their doors following one of these vicious online attacks.

Cryptolocker Ransomware is a malicious virus that locks up your data and files, holding it to ransom with payment demanded in Bitcoins. For those who don’t pay, they no longer have access to their valuable data, which as mentioned above, forces the majority to the wall.

Protecting your business against this type of online attack should be one of your priorities, particularly when they are so prevalent in Australia and even in Brisbane. IT support is the best way to ensure that your business is safe from these attacks, but what can you do if your business isn’t protected by managed IT services?

Three steps for protecting against Cryptolocker

First of all, you need to backup all of your data and files regularly. This is a vital step in recovering from any ransomware attack and obviously won’t prevent an attack, but will help you to recover quickly following an attack. These backups need to be made every single day, so that if you do lose access to your data, you have a copy that is up-to-date, and have only lost at the most a day’s work. Professional IT support in Brisbane will backup all of your systems on a daily basis.

You need to be aware that you will need to store your backups on an external drive or a service that is not mapped to your computer and is disconnected when the backup is completed. This is because Cryptolocker will infect any computers or devices connected to your computer, including a USB, external drive and even the cloud. Managed IT services will ensure that your data and files are stored securely for easy retrieval in the case of an emergency.

Second, you and your staff need to be on point and be fully aware of the dangers of opening unknown emails and zipped files. Third, you need to update and patch your software on a regular basis, enabling automatic updates where possible. If you can’t enable automatic updates, always go to the manufacturer’s website for your manual updates, as Cryptolocker has even disguised itself as a software update, fooling employees into opening and downloading their virus.

Of course, your best option is to engage a company that specialises in IT support in Brisbane, so that you don’t have to worry about losing all of your data and files.

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6 Tips on selecting the right IT managed services in Brisbane

Outsourcing to IT managed services in Brisbane is the way of the future, as companies are becoming more streamlined and budget conscious. If you are considering engaging a company that specialises in managed IT services for your business, here are 6 questions that you should ask all potential candidates.

  1. What’s their experience? You want to know how long the actual business has been in operation, the experience of their staff and how often they work with other companies within your industry. A brand-new company with little if any experience providing managed IT services Brisbane and with no idea about your industry is not the best choice for your company.
  2. How do they handle disaster recovery? Ask them for a few examples of companies that faced a loss in their data and how they handled the situation. What measures did they put in place to prevent such an event happening and how did they help the company recover as quickly as possible?
  3. How do they communicate with their clients? The most professional and experienced IT managed services in Brisbane give each client a dedicated account manager. This person is responsible for managing your account and ensuring that all processes are in place, updated and reviewed as necessary.
  4. How do you request help? Do they provide a 24/7 helpline and if not, how do you contact them after hours for help in an emergency? If the managed IT services company doesn’t offer an after-hours service, then you want to look elsewhere.
  5. How do their costs compare? Asking them how their costs compare to competitors in the managed IT services industry can help you to understand the types of services they provide. If their costs are very different to their competitors, are they so inexperienced that they can’t charge higher prices or are they overpriced and don’t deliver anymore than any other company?
  6. Ask for references: Any company that provides IT managed services in Brisbane should willingly give you a few references so that you can talk to their current customers. Testimonials are all fair and good, but actually talking to a CEO of a company who uses their services can make all the difference to your decision.

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How can IT support in Brisbane help you recover from losing your data?

When you have professional and experienced IT support in Brisbane it’s very unlikely that you will ever suffer from data loss. This is because companies that specialise in IT services will ensure that your company has a secure backup and recovery system in place, backing up your systems every day.

Without adequate support in Brisbane, if anything untoward does happen, such as your files are accidentally deleted, corrupted or hacked, even if your hard drive is physically damaged, your backups can be up and running in no time at all. We all know that the longer your business is not operating, the greater the damage to your reputation and the lower your profits.

This is why you need experienced IT support in Brisbane, so that your company doesn’t have to worry about the repercussions of data loss. If you don’t have the support of IT services in Brisbane however, what can you do if you have lost data?

I deleted a file!

Usually, when you delete a file, it’s still on your computer somewhere. The problem is that the location where your deleted file is held on your hard drive will be overwritten and used for something else very soon, so you need to act fast before this happens. First check your Recycle Bin, then try Recover Unsaved Documents in Word, search for the file’s name and if all else fails, use a file recovery software. On the other hand, it’s easier to ask your IT support in Brisbane to restore your file from your backups.

My files are corrupted!

This is more difficult to fix, but isn’t impossible. You might be able to save the document under another name or use a file recovery software to retrieve the document, even if only parts of it are salvageable. If these steps don’t work, then you need the help of IT support to retrieve the files (if they are recoverable), unless you have a backup of course!

We’ve been hacked!

If your systems have been hacked, you can’t sort this out yourself. You will need professional help from IT services in Brisbane to identify how you were hacked, install a secure firewall, and attempt to recover your files and set everything to rights.

I spilled coffee on my computer!

Floods, fires, spilt cups of coffee and dropping the laptop are all causes of lost data. Sometimes the data on the hard drive is recoverable, often it’s not, it all depends on the damage it has received. This is a very common cause of lost data and isn’t such a big problem if your systems are backed up.

If you are interested in professional IT support in Brisbane for your company, why not book a free consultation today?

Questions to ask about your company’s disaster and recovery plan

Without a disaster and recovery plan, your IT helpdesk will have little chance of recovering your data within a reasonable timeframe. This can cause irreparable damage to your reputation, as well as lost customers and lost profits. Engaging professional IT services in Brisbane who can tailor a disaster recovery plan for your business is the best way to ensure that your company recovers quickly from any disaster.

If you are not convinced that you need a customised disaster recovery plan and that your plan is sufficient, you need to be confident with your answers to the following questions.

Does your plan outline the immediate threats?

The best disaster recovery plans identify the immediate threats, ranking them by priority and probability of occurring. Professional IT support in Brisbane should be able to identify these threats for you, designing a recovery plan to ensure that your company is up and running as fast as possible, if any of these threats eventuate.

Does your plan identify your company’s key assets?

What assets are critical to your company’s daily operations and what is their monetary worth to your company? Once these assets are identified and their value quantified, your IT helpdesk can perform a business impact analysis to quantify the cost of each hour of downtime to your business. They will also calculate how quickly your key data and business assets need to be restored to minimise your downtime losses.

Skilled IT services in Brisbane will divide your assets into first, second and third tier priorities. First tier critical assets need to be up and running quickly and can include servers and business software. Second tier assets that need to be up within 5 to 10 hours can include a variety of applications, whilst third tier assets include peripheral systems that won’t cause problems if they aren’t up within 10 hours after the disaster.

Based on the above information, your IT support in Brisbane will design the best backup and recovery solution for your business. This plan can be either cloud based or rely on your physical servers, however many business are now opting for a mix of both cloud and server based data recovery plans.

For more information on customising a disaster recovery plan for your business, book a free consultation today.

What you need to know about the cloud

IT companies in Brisbane use the cloud for a variety of their own tasks, as well as fulfilling their client’s needs. Not many people however, have any real understanding of the cloud, so here is a quick and basic guide to understanding the cloud.

What is the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is a network of physical servers located in many places around the world. Each network might have a different function, for example, storing data, running applications or delivering a service. If you use Google Drive, SkyDrive or Evernote, then you are using the cloud to store your data, rather than storing it on your phone, laptop or PC.

What are the benefits of using the cloud?

IT managed services in Brisbane generally make big use of the cloud because it is infinitely flexible and expandable. This means that you can store as much or as little data on the cloud without needing to buy new hard drives or servers yourself. As your needs change, the amount of storage space you use changes accordingly. This also means that you can save a fortune on infrastructure, because purchasing and maintaining your own servers is an expensive proposition.

You can also access your data and files anywhere and on any device that has internet access, so you don’t have to worry about having different versions of old data on multiple devices. There are risks to using the cloud however, and you can discuss these with the IT companies in Brisbane, but essentially security is the biggest risk you will face using the cloud.

Extensive security measures and high level encryption have become a characteristic of companies that either offer their services via the cloud or store their data on the cloud. Security measures and encryption are constantly evolving to keep pace with potential hackers, but surprisingly enough, one of the biggest problems isn’t hacking, but losing data. This issue can be eliminated if you use the cloud as a sharing platform rather than a storage facility or by duplicating your data on two different storage platforms on the cloud.

With the potential problems of using the cloud, you might be surprised to learn that some of the biggest users of the cloud are IT companies. Brisbane companies can greatly benefit from experienced cloud users who manage their client’s data on a daily basis and who understand the types of security that are required for safe storage.

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Why should BAAS be an important part of your managed IT services in Brisbane?

Even though more businesses are taking advantage of managed IT services in Brisbane, many still don’t adequately back up their systems. Backing up all your sensitive files is vital to the integrity of your business, but Backup-as-a-Service (BAAS) takes it to a whole different level, because it actually backs up your data on the cloud.

Using BAAS as part of your managed IT services

As part of our IT managed services in Brisbane, we always encourage our clients to not only backup their data, but to go that one step further and use BAAS. If you already use managed IT services, but you haven’t yet initiated BAAS in your business, there are two very good reasons why you should think again: scalability and ease of use.

Scalability: Every business owner hopes that their business will grow and expand, but this also means that you will have an increasing amount of sensitive data that needs to be constantly backed up. Not all small businesses can deal with backing up massive amounts of data, so they end up just backing up the essentials.

As part of our managed IT services in Brisbane, we help our clients to understand that BAAS can easily cope with backing up data that is constantly increasing in volume. This saves you from having to purchase additional servers for backup purposes, because you have an unlimited amount of storage space available on the cloud.

Easy to use: BAAS is fully automated and is very easy to setup online. If you already use managed IT services, discuss your options with your account manager, who can set it up for you. Alternatively, it’s easy enough to setup yourself and will manage all your data in one place. You can even run tests and access your backups at any time, and if your system does unexpectedly go down, restoring your files is so much easier that trying to juggle different servers to restart your systems and retrieve your backups.

For professional IT managed services in Brisbane, why not a arrange a free consultation with Capital IT Solutions and we can discuss how our managed IT services can help your business to grow and expand, whilst keeping your data safe.

How can IT support in Brisbane help to protect your small business against data theft?

In Brisbane, IT support has become quite popular for a number of reasons, one of which is the added protection it gives to small businesses against data theft.

At Capital IT Solutions, one of our specialist IT support services in Brisbane focuses specifically on helping small businesses to overcome the challenges of data theft. As part of our IT services package in Brisbane, we suggest that our clients put in place the following initiatives.

Educate your staff: Most employees are unaware that their behaviour can lead to serious security breaches and loss of data. We help business owners and employees to understand how these security leaks can occur and to be aware of any suspicious emails, links or attachments.

Update passwords: All communication devices, networks and data storage areas should have strong passwords that are regularly updated. The lack of complex passwords is one of the most common problems we have found in Brisbane. IT support at Capital IT Solutions focuses on educating employees and fixing this loophole that often results in data theft.

Anti-theft software: Software that protects your computer systems from viruses, malware and spyware are all an essential component of securing your data from theft. Without this type of high level software, you leave your business wide open to data security issues.

Data encryption: Most business software has data encryption capabilities, but if this is outside of your comfort level, discuss it with our IT support in Brisbane. Data encryption is another layer in securing your data and can make all the difference to preventing data theft. You can also ensure that your website has an SSL certificate, as this provides additional protection for your customers against theft of their personal information.

Restrict permissions: If only certain staff need access to specific information or data, restrict access to these individuals. The fewer people who can access sensitive information, the less likely is there to be a data breach. Our IT services in Brisbane will help you to make these decisions and ensure that they are in correctly in place at your company.

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Tips on choosing the right server for your business

As one of the leading companies offering managed IT services in Brisbane, our clients benefit from a range of specialised IT helpdesk and IT support services that they wouldn’t normally have access to in their business. One of our more popular services is assisting our clients to build networks and IT solutions for their business, giving them a complete in-house IT solution.

If you have considered using a dedicated server for your business, first you need to know the different types of servers that are available on the market. Your managed IT services should be able to walk you through the process of selecting a server and setting it up, but here are a few helpful tips if you don’t have your own specialised IT support services in Brisbane.

File servers: For medium to large businesses that need VPN access and automatic backup systems, a file server is a great option. For smaller sized businesses, who have a limited budget, few online staff and little to no access to an IT helpdesk, a networked attached storage (NAS) is a low cost, easy to use and scalable option.

Email or exchange servers: Often complex and difficult to set up, if you decide that you need an email or exchange server then you will also need an experienced IT support department, whether in-house or as part of managed IT services in Brisbane.

Virtualization servers: Another complex option, virtualization is suitable for larger business with multiple servers who want to optimise their existing systems. Their implementation can involve specialised hardware and software and are not for the faint hearted.

Cloud based servers: More and more businesses, regardless of size, are moving to cloud based servers. These are particularly cost effective for start-ups, because you don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure or an in-house IT helpdesk, and for larger businesses the cloud provides increased flexibility and lower management costs.

If you decide on a physical in-house server, then you will need to either buy a pre-built server (which comes with Windows or Linux) or have one custom designed and purchase the operating system and other software separately. A cloud based option is the simpler option for most businesses, as it doesn’t require hardware or software and is infinitely scalable.

Capital IT Solutions provides managed IT services in Brisbane for small, medium and large businesses, giving owners, managers and employees professional and cost-effective IT support. Why not arrange a free consultation today and take your business to the next level?

How to choose the best managed IT services in Brisbane based on disaster recovery times

When selecting the most suitable managed IT services in Brisbane for your business there are lots of different factors to assess. Anything from the company’s costs, specialisations and service offerings will play some part in your decision, but not many owners and managers consider the full implication of disaster recovery times in their decision.

If they do ask about recovery times, it’s usually with no clear idea about how these times will factor into their decision, except that they want fast recovery times and an IT helpdesk that can fix the problem ASAP. You might be surprised to learn however, that disaster recovery times can actually be a key factor in selecting suitable IT support services for your business.

Selecting managed IT services in Brisbane by identifying your recovery times

We all know that when your server goes down, when data is lost or your system is hacked, the downtime before full recovery can be devastating to your business. With extended recovery times, the reputation of your business is on the line and you could be staring financial ruin in the face.

This is why disaster recovery times are a key factor when selecting managed IT services in Brisbane. At first you might think that the IT support company who offers the shortest recovery times is your best bet, but that isn’t necessarily true. This is because you can save a lot of money if you identify the hourly costs of your downtime, as well as the systems that need to be recovered first.

To calculate your downtime costs, you will need to calculate your operating costs and lost sales per hour, allowing you to precisely quantify the cost of each hour’s downtime. Then you need to identify the key systems that need to be recovered first and the less critical systems that can manage with longer recovery times.

Businesses with a selection of IT systems that range from short to high recovery times can negotiate better deals with managed IT services in Brisbane, because they are not paying for all their systems to be recovered at the same time. As you can imagine, a business that has one system that needs to be recovered very quickly with other systems that can wait for a day or two are going to require less resources than a business that has no idea of their recovery times and wants everything restored ASAP.

Capital IT Solutions can meet all your recovery times and customise an IT support package to suit your needs and your budget. Why not arrange a free consultation today?

3 Benefits of managed IT services in Brisbane

Have you ever considered hiring managed IT services in Brisbane? Just about every business has some form of IT technology that helps to streamline their business operations. The problem is that when something goes wrong with your IT, and if you don’t have your own in-house IT support in Brisbane, you are in big trouble. Everything can come crashing down very quickly and you are left scrambling to find someone to fix everything fast.

This is where you need to have a company on board who specialises in managed IT services, because apart from preventing disasters happening, we can fix them at the speed of light if they do happen. So if you are still on the fence and unsure whether your business can benefit from hiring managed IT services in Brisbane, here are three clear benefits to your business.

1. Reduce everyone’s stress levels

When things go wrong, everyone stresses out until the problem is fixed. When software clashes, servers crash, computers are hacked and databases are scrambled, the stress levels of your employees rockets to new levels with everyone either trying to fix the problem or stressing out about the problem. The solution is to outsource your IT support in Brisbane, so if anything does go wrong, all your employees need to do is to make a phone call and leave the solutions to us.

2. Customised managed IT services

Everyone’s business is different and your business will require a different range of services to another business. This is where outsourcing to managed IT services is such a great idea, because together we can decide what services you need. With a customised approach to your IT support, you can alter the type or amount of support you need overtime, as your business grows.

3. Optimise your employee’s time

When your employees are not IT professionals, but they still have to spend time fixing IT problems, this is an extremely inefficient use of their time. Everything takes longer and might never be fixed, resulting in the added expense of calling in external IT support to fix numerous problems outside of your employees’ expertise. With managed IT services in Brisbane, your employee’s time is freed up to focus on their own roles, optimising their time much more efficiently.

To discover if our business can benefit from managed IT services, arrange a free consultation today.

How can IT support in Brisbane save your disaster recovery plan?

Many IT professionals, already have a disaster recovery plan in place, usually because it is part of their job description in Brisbane. IT support on the other hand, is something that any good IT professional doesn’t even consider, because they have everything covered, so why bother?

The problem is that you might have a disaster plan all worked out, but it is pretty much guaranteed that it hasn’t been tested. So you just have to hope that if the worst does happen and all of your servers and databases get hacked, that your untested disaster recovery plan works like a dream.

The alternative is to work with a firm who offer IT consulting in Brisbane, specifically related to disaster recovery and threat management. At Capital IT Solutions, we help IT companies to create, manage and test their disaster recovery plans so that if they are ever needed, they perform flawlessly.

What does our disaster recovery plan include?

Without testing whether or not your disaster recovery plan will work, you will never know until it is too late to do anything about it. This can result in a massive monetary loss to your business, as well as a plummeting reputation within your industry and the general community.

Why put everything you have worked hard for over the years at risk, just because you haven’t tested your disaster recovery plan? With professional and experienced IT support in Brisbane, you can have complete faith in your disaster recovery plan knowing that it has been proven to work on multiple test occasions.

When you engage Capital IT Solutions for your IT consulting in Brisbane, we offer you the following disaster recovery services:

  • Disaster recovery workflows that have been tested to work seamlessly.
  • Data recovery directly from the cloud from various locations.
  • A single interface to manage all of your disaster recovery workflows.
  • Automated cloud based disaster recovery testing.
  • A single platform to manage all of your backup locations and restore points.

When you work with Capital IT Solutions, you can pre-stage your disaster recovery in a virtual machine so that your actual recovery process is completed at the click of a button. There is no easier, faster or better strategy to recover from a disaster than teaming up with firm that specialises in helping IT companies in Brisbane to recovery quickly from a loss of data.

Why not arrange a free consultation and find out how you can improve your disaster recovery plan.

Does your IT support in Brisbane have a proven cloud based disaster recovery plan?

If a major disaster happens and your IT infrastructure is compromised, calling your IT support in Brisbane might not produce the outcome you had anticipated. This is because many businesses have a disaster plan, but it’s never actually been tested and if it doesn’t work, your business might never recover from the loss of your entire IT infrastructure and data.

Just because the professionals at your IT help desk know how to design a disaster recovery plan, if it hasn’t been tested in real conditions, they may as well have not even bothered. After all, disaster recovery planning might be a requirement of their job, but it can be difficult to know how well they perform this part of their job – until your business is on the line.

There is however, an easy solution in Brisbane, because IT support can actually utilise the cloud to test their disaster recovery plans. This means that if a disaster does occur, you can have complete confidence in your disaster recovery plan, as it’s been tested and been proven to work.

5 Benefits of using a cloud based disaster recovery plan

At Capital IT Solutions, we use the cloud for all of our client’s disaster recovery plans and we test them thoroughly to make sure that they work. This means that our client’s don’t have to worry about losing their business if a catastrophe occurs, because they have a proven recovery plan in place that can be initiated by their IT support in Brisbane.

If you are unsure of using the cloud for your disaster recovery plan, here are 5 clear benefits that should change your mind.

  1. Automation: In Brisbane, your IT support team can automate your disaster recovery strategy after thoroughly testing it in real-time.
  2. Recovery: Your IT helpdesk can recover all of your data directly from the cloud and you can be up and running again in no time at all.
  3. Alerts: With built-in alert and monitoring functionality, the IT support team in Brisbane will know the status of your systems at any time, day or night.
  4. Single platform: You can manage all of your recovery systems, backup locations and restore points from a single platform, making managing your infrastructure smooth and efficient.
  5. Cost effective: A cloud based recovery disaster plan is a very cost effective solution for businesses that rely on unproven strategies designed by their IT support team in Brisbane.

You can arrange a free consultation with one of our disaster recovery specialists who will walk you through the process for your business.

How to choose the right managed IT services for your business

The evolution in outsourcing managed IT services, not only allows businesses to leverage the expertise of these service providers, but also increases their own productivity and their revenue. If your business is considering using IT managed services in Brisbane in the near future, the following guidelines should make the selection process easier.

How much experience do they have?

The best way to check on a provider’s industry experience is to check for online reviews, as well as testimonials and case studies. One factor you need to investigate is whether the managed IT services provider can customise their services to suit your needs or whether they simply have a generic list of services for every client.

What managed IT services do they offer?

Aligning your business with a managed service provider who can offer you additional services as your business grows is a sensible option. For example, instead of simply searching for IT managed services in Brisbane look for a data centre that also offers dedicated servers, colocation and other cloud services.

What security do they offer?

With the increase in hacking and threats to data security, it’s vital that your IT service provider is up to date with the industry’s best practices. This is a topic that you need to discuss thoroughly with potential providers, so that you can feel confident that the security of your data is their priority.

Do they offer proactive maintenance?

Having someone available to fix your IT problems is great, but with a company that offers managed IT services you want any potential problems to be caught before they become an issue. This can only come about if your provider understands your infrastructure well enough to always be on top of any potential problems.

Do they offer a dedicated support manager?

Whilst proactive management is important, problems still arise and when this happens you will want your provider’s help as soon as possible. It’s important to ensure that you have the right type of support you need from your managed IT services in Brisbane.

What are their costs?

Cost is always an issue, but selecting the cheapest IT provider isn’t always the best strategy. You have to balance the cost of the services provided, against the costs of managing these services in-house, as well as in time lost when your IT services are down and your employees are struggling to fix the issue.

Why not arrange a free consultation with one of our managed IT service specialists and let’s discuss how Capital IT Solutions can help your business grow.

Would you trust an amateur with your data?

In the modern age, it’s not unreasonable to expect that most people have a little bit of knowledge of computers and electronic devices in general. But does that make most people experts in the field of information technology (IT)? This lack of knowledge is one of the biggest reasons why managed IT services are essential for most businesses.

Technology has come a very long way over the last 50 years in particular. To quote Bill Gates:

“We had dreams about the impact [computers] could have. We talked about a computer on every desk and in every home. It’s been amazing to see so much of that dream become a reality and touch so many lives.“

I recently had a conversation with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, and we agreed that even in those early days, none of us ever envisioned how widespread the personal computer would become in such a short time.

In fact, I can still remember setting up an old Apple IIe when I was in primary school, which by 1987 had grown to quite a large network of computers school wide. By the time I had finished high school in 1992, I’d helped to build a number of computer networks at my school, and had found two good mentors whose expertise and professionalism set me on my path into the world of IT.

In those early years, I witnessed a rapid technological evolution, with new technology quickly relegating last year’s IT systems and networks into obscurity. It’s something that you have to be involved with on a daily basis to stay up to date.

Are we all experts or do we know just enough to be dangerous?

Sometimes, a little bit of knowledge can be a double edged sword. For example, most of us know “a little” about medicine; enough to know that when we have a headache we can take aspirin. We also know a little about the law, and if we were to commit a crime we know that we might be punished or fined for that offence.

So we all have a working knowledge of certain aspects of life, but we need to ask ourselves whether our small amount of knowledge is enough to qualify us as a professional or does it mean we only have a general understanding of the topic?

Every profession requires years of education, dedication and learning to reach a thorough understanding of the subject.  I’m no more a doctor than I am an electrician, painter, plumber or mechanic, even though I have some knowledge of each topic. This is why managed IT services can be invaluable to many Australian businesses.

Birth of the “techspert”

Because of the proliferation of technology over the past ten or twenty years, we have seen the birth of a generation of “techsperts”.  These are not experts or professionals, but people who have a working knowledge of the topic with few if any qualifications or experience.

Would you entrust your business, data and hardware with a non-professional who doesn’t work in that field every single day, or who dispenses second hand information?

The reason that many people are sucked into engaging non-professional IT specialists is because computers and networks have become easier to use over time, and they are virtually second nature to many people. This hides the fact that IT networks are becoming more complex to build, manage and repair.

Managed IT services – how do we manage your network?

When you engage our specialist managed IT services, we discuss your objectives, then design and build the hardware and software solution to achieve these expected outcomes. We include enough flexibility in the system so that it can grow with your business, delivering your data and frontline business applications both locally and remotely in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Other key considerations we address when designing your network solution include:

  • Do you have a backup and disaster recovery plan?
  • Do your internet speeds match your business requirements?
  • Do you have special requirements for operating your frontline business applications?
  • Does the existing environment meet the software vendors’ best practices?
  • Is the current system regularly maintained?

A professional IT consultant will have amassed years of study and practical experience, and will have built several very solid relationships with a variety of vendors and providers. They will take the time to know their client’s individual needs and the unique requirements of their network, so that they can offer their clients a truly customised service.

At Capital IT, we invest a lot of our time in keeping up to date with new trends and improving our skills. We ensure that our clients are aware of relevant new technologies, so that they can be implemented and maintained where appropriate.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve proudly worked with countless small businesses and had the pleasure of seeing many of these grow into large enterprises.

If you don’t already have an IT management solution in place and would like to explore our managed IT services, or you want to learn more about how we can help grow your business, call us for a chat on (07) 3333 2122 or enquire online.

Illegal downloads may cost you thousands of dollars in fines

Over the last couple of years there has been talk about preventing people from illegally downloading movies, music, TV episodes and software. Until recently, despite all of the threats, nothing has eventuated, but now it seems that those threats are coming true, and downloading free content from pirate sites may soon involve hefty fines.

The new Copyright Notice Scheme Industry Code

Telstra, Optus, iiNet and other ISPs have come together to end free pirated downloads with the establishment of the Copyright Notice Scheme Industry Code – currently in draft form.

This code was initiated at the request of the Federal Government and involves a ‘3 hits and you are out’ scheme. This means that if you illegally download content from the internet you will receive a notice from your ISP within 7 days, telling you to cease and desist.

If you continue to download pirated content you will be sent a warning notice and then a final notice. Detection of illegal downloads is fairly easy using your IP address and with the massive loss in revenue, it is no wonder that the big entertainment industries are pressuring governments to put an end to illegal downloads.

The final notice will advise you to seek legal counsel and if all 3 notices are sent within one 12 month period, the copyright holder can ask the ISP to disclose your IP address. They can then apply to the courts for your name and address and sue you for illegally downloading their content. Engaging a company that specialises in managed IT services in Brisbane will help to protect your business from illegal downloads.

Problems with this new code

The Consumer Advocate Choice Magazine has stated that this code is too heavy handed and is likely to drag many Australians into court over illegal downloads. There appears to be little protection to the consumer in the draft code, with no limits on penalties and essentially turning ISPs into public enforcers.

More alarmingly, your personal details can be given to the copyright holders before you have even been found guilty of a crime. Even worse, there have been reports of copyright holders sending alleged infringers a notice to pay a certain amount of money or they will be sued.

The current form of this draft code seems to forget that people are innocent before proven guilty and if ratified, ISPs will no longer be seen as protecting their customers, but as enforcers.

Choice believes the reason that most people illegally download content is because there is no other way to access this content in Australia or it is too expensive. So as an alternative to hounding consumers into the court system, why not make access to popular content more available and cheaper for the Australian people?

For more information on IT solutions and managed IT services in Brisbane for your business, phone us on 07 3333 2122.

Is your business safe from hackers?

Businesses can no longer be complacent about the security of their digital information. Not in a world where such large corporations as Sony can be so easily hacked, as they were last year. The problem of securing your corporate information is even more precarious when you realise that this wasn’t the first time that Sony was compromised. They were also hacked a few years ago in 2011, 3 years before the 2014 attack that cost them millions of dollars.

So why didn’t Sony learn from the 2011 incident, and what can you learn from this?

Make digital security part of your structure

Whatever your size, you must not silo digital security; instead it must be part of your organisational structure. All information about security protocols and breaches must be addressed at the company level.

This is why Sony suffered a second attack in 2014, because the 2011 security breach occurred in their PlayStation Network, who after dealing with the problem (after losing millions), did not disseminate these fixes to Sony Pictures Entertainment, which led to their successful hacking in 2014.

Sony’s individual businesses were silos of information, much like departments within a company can be – so the 2014 attack was inevitable.

Train employees to be hacker alert

Employees must be trained to recognise illegitimate or phishing emails, which contain links that, when clicked, can download malicious malware to your company network. This is how The New York Times was attacked in 2013, by hackers infiltrating its computer systems and obtaining employee passwords.

Promote transparency

If you are hacked and sensitive information is compromised, be upfront and inform your employees and customers. In 2007, was hacked and phishing emails were sent out to their customers in an attempt to access their bank details. The company had not informed their customers of the attack, and while they fixed the problem five days later, their lack of disclosure caused untold damage to their customer base.

The take home message is that digital security should be a central component of your company.

For more information on digital security for your business, call Capital IT Solutions on 07 3333 2122.