In our experience, we have learnt that each business has unique requirements for handling data. Some businesses require remote access across sites, others require access for field staff and some require retention and security.

As part of our Managed IT Services, Capital IT Solutions’ approach and broad experience ensures that we meet your requirements and improve your business’ efficiency and productivity, resulting in better revenue.

When comparing services between providers, it’s sensible to always consider price. However, to identify the best options for your company, always compare a provider’s reputation, skill sets and expertise. This way you guarantee a positive outcome for your business.

Managed IT Services

We provide proactive support and fast response times for a capped price.
Consider us your Managed IT Department, Personal IT Staff and IT Support in Brisbane, but for a fraction of the cost. With no surprise expenses, you can budget for a total IT Solution with confidence.

Engaging specialist Managed IT Services is a win-win situation for Australian businesses. Some of the Managed IT services we provide are as follows:

Structured network cabling and rack builds.

Business internet services from Telstra, AAPT, Exetel and TPG.

Telephony cloud and inhouse PABX.

Building access control and security.

Web hosting and design.


Custom projects.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

When it comes to data recovery, we understand that time is of the essence and have helped hundreds of clients recover during some of the worst moments in their data loss history. Every time we help our clients recover from a disaster, we learn new and creative ways to recover faster and with greater ease.

We work hand in hand with you to build an enterprise-class Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that is reliable and easy to use, no matter what kind of disaster comes your way.


The right advice at the right time can save you and your business thousands of dollars.
Hardware purchases are a significant part of a company’s capital expenditure (and is a major business cost). We safely guide all your future hardware purchases.

Unified Threat Management

Security is a major issue for any company, so we look at your blind spots to ensure that you have the best possible security for your business.
Security at the highest level means that our network-level firewall solution protects your internal network.

Email Hosting and Setup

Hiraclitus said that ‘the only constant is change’. We agree and recognise that over time, businesses will need to change or upgrade their email and related services.

To ensure a smooth transition, we handle all migration processes by coordinating the new service with our technology partners and setting up your mailboxes.

Our Marketing Partner

Wynnes Professional Services is our marketing partner, also based in Brisbane. They focus on providing our clients with the resources and knowledge to help them reach their goals. They provide a range of digital marketing services including: