IT Support in Brisbane

Capital IT Solutions provides professional IT Support to small and medium size businesses in Brisbane. Located in East Brisbane, we’re ideally positioned to service our range of clients across the Brisbane CBD and metro areas, Logan and the Gold Coast.

How can IT support in Brisbane help your business?

Many small and medium size businesses struggle to maintain their networks, hardware and backups on their own, calling in help only in emergencies. This creates a stressful working environment because staff have no one to call for IT advice; they have to either figure it out on their own or face downtime until IT Support arrives.

The usual cause of these problems is that many businesses have limited budgets and can’t realistically afford to run their own IT Department. The solution is to engage an experienced company offering customised IT Support in Brisbane that can be tailored to your exact needs, and for a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own in-house IT Department.

With Capital IT Solutions on your team, your business operates far more efficiently and without the daily stresses of managing your own backups, upgrades and troubleshooting. As one of the leading IT companies in Brisbane, we provide Managed IT Services to most of our clients, along with a range of other IT Services.

A consistent and reliable IT network has a number of important benefits for your business:

What types of IT support do we provide?

From infrastructure to hardware and software, virus protection, disaster recovery and business email networks, our team at Capital IT Solutions ensures that your IT needs are always covered. We provide a number of different services, which can be mixed and matched, depending on your current needs and your requirements over time.

Essentially, we’re your “one-stop shop” for IT Support in Brisbane!

Our fixed price Managed IT Services are one of our more popular offerings. This means that our team is on contract and available to support your business with fast response times, live monitoring and real-time problem solving, along with backups and recovery, virus protection, maintenance and much more. More importantly, our managed packages are tailored to your specific needs and budget.

We design and deploy both local and wide area networks based on your requirements, whether you have one or multiple offices or locations. Our network engineers expertly design and build wired, fibre optic and wireless links.

When a crisis occurs and you need to recover your data and be back online fast, our specialist IT Support in Brisbane has you up and running again very quickly. Protection from hackers, viruses and malware, as well as Disaster Planning and Recovery are all covered by our specialist IT team.

Minimise your capital expenditure on IT purchases by leveraging our experience and let us guide you in the right direction. Build a long term, up-to-date and flexible IT Solution that’s scalable and cost-effective.

Hackers know all the backdoors and loopholes to get in fast and steal or corrupt your data. Specialist IT Support in Brisbane gives you the peace of mind knowing that we’ll find all these blind spots before the hackers, close them down and protect your digital data with the highest-level firewalls.

Setting up, repairing and maintaining an email network is vital to the growth of your business. With our first class local IT Support, Brisbane clients enjoy the benefit of having our team upgrade their system, migrate existing email services and provide ongoing real time support.

Not sure what you need, but you know you need help? Why not take advantage of our Consulting Service and let us design an IT Solution that works for you and is within your budget?

IT Consulting in Brisbane

There is a growing need for expert IT Consulting in Brisbane, as more and more businesses require specialist help with managing their IT networks. In our experience we have learnt that each business has unique requirements for handling data with some businesses requiring remote access across sites, others requiring access for field staff and some requiring retention and security.
Capital IT Solutions’ approach and broad experience ensures that we meet your requirements. We improve your business’ efficiency and productivity which results in better revenue for your company.

Key benefits of engaging IT Consulting in Brisbane

If you don’t have your own IT Department and there isn’t anyone in your business with expertise in designing and managing IT networks, when something goes wrong (which it always does!), your business can be in a lot of trouble. The huge benefit of engaging IT Consulting in Brisbane is that the buck no longer stops with you – instead it stops with the experts, so if something does go wrong, all it takes is a phone call and we are on top of it ASAP.
Having an experienced IT Support and Help Desk to manage your networks removes a huge amount of stress from owners, managers, supervisors and staff, leaving everyone with the freedom to get on with their work. Your employees no longer need to race around putting out fires, because when you engage IT Consulting in Brisbane, your employees are free to focus on their main roles within your business.
Book a free consultation today and you’ll soon see how your business can benefit from our specialist IT Support & Consulting in Brisbane.