Disaster Recovery

Data is The Lifeblood of Your Business

Managed IT Services for Disaster Recovery

When it comes to Data Recovery, Capital IT Solutions understands that time is of the essence. We know that you need to recover your data quickly, so that your business doesn’t suffer from any unforeseen disasters and you need to be up and running again, as fast as possible. Using our Managed IT Services, we have helped hundreds of clients recover during some of the worst moments.

We have a scalable best of breed backup and disaster recovery solution that will fit any size of business and budget. Helping our clients to backup and protect their critical data is one of the reasons we come to work each day.

Leveraging Managed IT Services for Your Business

At Capital IT Solutions, we work hand in hand with you to build an enterprise-class Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution that is reliable and easy to use, no matter what kind of disaster comes your way. Using our Managed IT Services and our IT Support, we help protect your business from hackers and make digital security part of your daily operating procedures.

If the worst does happen and your business is hacked, we guarantee you’ll be up and running again very quickly.

What can a backup solution do for you?

Backup your complete IT environment

Get reliable, pristine backup images of every Windows machine in your organisation, regardless of whether it’s a server, desktop/laptop or a more specialised application server, like SQL or Exchange. Save them locally and remotely.

Eliminate downtime

Virtualise your backup images on the fly, even in our cloud, and keep operations running while waiting for new hardware. Pre-stage your recovery in a virtual machine, so you recover with a click of a button.

Recover from any disaster

Easily maintain copies of all your backup images in multiple locations, including locally and in our cloud, to prepare for any disaster, large or small. Recover quickly with these images, regardless of your hardware.

Monitor your defences

Keep an eye on your backups, for every machine. Get alerts when a backup doesn’t happen, a machine is running out of storage space or when any of a number of conditions are met.

Manage your storage space

Make the most of your storage by setting customisable retention and consolidation rules for older backups. Keep old backups as archives and still have room for current data.

Take control of your data

Launch any backup image as a virtual machine to safely test new software, access legacy applications or bypass trouble on your physical machine.

Why choose our service?


Encrypted backup

All your data is fully encrypted, ensuring the highest level of security.



Our backup solutions are competitively priced to cover all businesses.


Restore anywhere

Whether on the road or in the office, restore backups any time.

data center

Local data centre

Sensitive data is stored securely in our Australian data centre.