Managed Internet Services

At Capital IT Solutions, we provide a range of Managed Internet Services to our clients, giving them the confidence they expect in their internet connections – a fast and reliable service that’s supported by specialists.

Far too often when your internet goes down or is too slow there’s little help available. Contacting your provider is often fruitless, if not long winded and frustrating. Your business needs a solid internet connection and if any problems arise, you need immediate access to a support team who have your company’s best interests as their priority.

That’s what Capital IT Solutions offers our clients – Managed Internet Services that ensure your internet works when it’s needed and has the bandwidth and speed you require. Regardless of your provider, we support your access to the internet, anticipating and resolving issues on the fly, so you can keep operating.

Personalised approach to managed internet services

Our internet specialists take the time to understand your business, so we can give you the support you need when it’s needed. We can recommend alternate providers.

When you call our support number, one of our internet specialists who understands your business will be on the line. You won’t be left hanging on the line for hours, as we pick up immediately and after listening to your concerns, begin to track the problem, identify the cause and fix it for you.

With Capital IT Solutions’ Managed Internet Services you have the peace of mind in knowing that your uptime is maximised and your downtime is minimised to practically zero. You’ll never need to search for someone to fix your internet problems, because our number is the only one you’ll ever need.

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We take great pride in our services and do our very best to ensure that our clients have a customised service that’s tailored to their exact needs. So if your internet connections are causing problems for your business, then call Capital IT Solutions on 07 3333 2122 or send us an email enquiry and ask about our Managed Internet Services.