Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services (Fixed Price IT Support)

With our Managed IT Services, we provide proactive support and fast response times for a capped price.

Consider us your Managed IT Department and Personal IT Support Staff, but for a fraction of the cost. With no surprise expenses, you can budget for a total IT Solution with confidence.

Gain access to our team of highly qualified and friendly technicians, who support your IT operations when you need it most – offering on-site and remote IT support services to make sure your work isn’t delayed due to outages.

Managed Monthly Support Service
Remote Helpdesk
Onsite Support
Service Coordination
Vendor Liaison
Hardware Lifecycle
CIO Services

Is a fixed fee suitable for my business?

Our fixed fee model is the ideal solution for companies with limited in-house IT resources. After an initial one-time stabilisation of your system environment, our Managed IT Services package covers all faults, errors and basic administration.

Package Inclusions

Stabilisation inclusions