Network design and deployment

Capital IT Solutions designs, deploys, maintains, monitors, updates and repairs data networks for small to medium size businesses in Brisbane. We have built networks and IT solutions for some of Brisbane’s largest and most successful companies. Why not leverage our experience to improve your business operations?

Benefits of our Network Management Services

Many small and medium sized businesses struggle to maintain their networks, hardware and backups on their own, calling in help only in emergencies. Our fixed price network management provides security at the highest level. This means that our network-level firewall solution protects your internal network, only allowing secured connections.

Since every business is different with their own unique network systems and threat protection requirements, all of our threat solutions are tailor-made and custom designed for each business, including our disaster recovery solutions.

A consistent and reliable IT network has a number of important benefits for your business:

Whether you have one or multiple offices or locations, we design and deploy local and wide area networks based on your requirements. If you don’t have your own IT Department and there isn’t anyone in your business with expertise in designing and deploying IT networks, when something goes wrong (which it always does!), your business can be in a lot of trouble.

The huge benefit of engaging Capital IT Solutions to manage your network is that the buck no longer stops with you – instead it stops with the experts, so if something does go wrong, all it takes is a phone call and we are on top of it ASAP.