Stress-Free Print Services

Capital IT Solutions has a number of strong partnerships with Print Solution Vendors who can provide your company with everything that’s needed to make printing stress-free. Their print services include onsite servicing and repairs, maintenance agreements and copier maintenance, as follows.

Onsite Service and Repairs

Qualified and experienced engineers offer maintenance, repairs and servicing onsite at your office location. All parts replaced are original parts, however, some compatible parts are available, on request, to help reduce costs.

Maintenance Agreement

Our Print Solution Vendors are committed to providing the highest service standards to our clients, offering service agreements and maintenance plans to give you complete peace of mind.

Copier Maintenance

Our cost-per-copy service/maintenance agreement is an all-inclusive plan that includes the copier maintenance and supplies at one low monthly cost. Please Contact Us to organise an onsite visit.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

One of the reasons why managed print services have become increasingly popular amongst small to medium size businesses is because of the complexity of the printers and copiers. It’s no longer easy to unjam a printer or change the toner and your staff shouldn’t have to perform these tasks anyway. Staff can become frustrated and annoyed when printers don’t work correctly and time is wasted trying to fix a problem they are likely unable to do quickly or on their own.

So, despite the movement towards a paperless office, few successful companies are able to forgo the security that printed paperwork provides over digital copies. Many companies keep paper copies because it’s a legal requirement and others because it suits their business model or they prefer to keep copies in their archives.

This means that they still require multiple printers and copiers which all need to be maintained, serviced and repaired. Today’s technology has produced highly efficient and very cost-effective printers and copiers, however they still need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

The easiest solution is to engage a company that specialises in managed print services and can keep your copiers and printers operating 24/7. These services are a proven way to reduce your costs and keep your office running smoothly.

With a single point of contact for all your printing needs, work at the office becomes more efficient, much simpler and less stressful for everyone. Even customer service improves because you now have reliable printers and copiers available to your staff. Yet another benefit of managed print services is that we can regularly review your needs and find even more cost effective solutions as your business grows and expands.

What’s your next move?

If you want to reduce the stress in your office space, it’s a good idea to contact a company that specialises in managed print services. This will create a stress-free environment in your office because everyone knows that the printers and copiers are regularly serviced, properly maintained and there’s a number to ring if the worst does happen.

Your next step is easy because all you need to do is give Capital IT Solutions a call on 07 3333 2122 or send us an email and we’ll arrange for one of our specialists to visit your office. You can then discuss what’s required to keep your printers and copiers operating without any stress to your staff and take it from there.