Expert IT Project Support

Capital IT Solutions provides expert IT Project Support to small and medium size businesses in Brisbane. We are a 100% owned and operated Australian company, specialising in affordable and reliable managed IT services.

As the IT world becomes increasingly more complicated, a business’s ability to manage and support their IT projects can slowly diminish. This means that your ability to plan and manage, as well as achieve deadlines and complete IT projects can become extremely challenging.

One solution is to source more specialised IT staff, but on a full-time basis that can become very expensive, very quickly. The most workable and least expensive solution is to work with a company that specialises in managing IT projects and can give you expert help when it’s needed.

How can IT project support help your company?

At Capital IT Solutions, we provide the IT Project Support you need to set up a satellite office, move to a new location, migrate to the cloud or upgrade part or the entirety of your systems. We can plan, manage and execute all your IT projects, regardless of size, quickly and efficiently.

Our help is ideal when you don’t have the specialised staff onboard to manage your IT projects or you can’t find the right off-the-shelf solutions to solve your problems. We can work with you to set deadlines and deliver specific outcomes on time and within budget. We can even scope and plan projects and help your staff to achieve the key deliverables required. We can do as much or as little as you require to complete your IT projects.

Along with our partner networks, we can help with the following and much more:

Network setups or upgrades.

Custom designed applications.

Microsoft 365 migration.

Web development.

Cloud migration.

IT upgrades.

New network setups.

Hardware setup and installation.

Backups and archiving.

Email hosting.

Unified threat management.

Virus protection.

Working With Capital IT Solutions

Along with our partner networks, Capital IT Solutions provides you with the very latest IT solutions, whether that’s hardware, software or cloud based platforms. You might need your own servers, data centres or networks or you might need to upgrade your existing network whilst maintaining your legacy systems. Whatever your needs, we can provide you with a workable plan that suits your budget and achieves your goals.

Whatever type of IT Project Support you need to help your company adapt to today’s changing corporate environment, Capital IT Solutions has the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish your objectives. We customise our services to provide your company with the specific IT support you need to overcome the challenges of keeping your systems up-to-date, protected and secure.

Technology should be simple to use, not complicated and challenging. This often involves a great deal of creative thinking and innovative solutions, but we always give our clients the solutions they need to achieve their project’s objectives.

When you don’t have the skills, resources or time to plan, manage and execute your own IT Projects, it’s time to leverage the expertise of Capital IT Solutions – the leading provider of IT Project Support in Brisbane.